All New Things

If you have a chance check out Betsy’s recent blog New –  We have had an exciting week getting acclimated to our new environment.  Building projects are well under way and on track for completion as long as the weather holds.  Please pray for strength to complete the work and the weather to allow it to happen.  Our team has been blessed with members who have awesome gifts.  It is so neat to see how each is using them to serve Him.  Our welding team has done fantastic work, the beams are up on the car port and it looks better than the original.  
The language and teaching team has been able to step right in and effectively make connections with students and others in the community whom we have come in contact with.  Willing hands have worked to clean up the campus preparing it for the coming school year.  These hands have also reached out to the community by cleaning and painting for the a member of the deaf community here in PR.  

Saturday we took the day to recover with a trip to a beautiful beach. A time of relaxation and recovery to prepare for the coming week.  This also allowed for some team bonding time as we.played together. Today, Sunday, we are preparing to go and worship with our brothers and sisters at the deaf church in San Juan.  After church we will take a little time to visit Old San Juan and do a little shopping before coming back to Luquillo.  Please pray for safety as we travel and a profitable time away.

Time is going by so quickly and we have much to accomplish.  P!ease continue to pray.


Posts from the day

Water Games with the kids in PR!


Had a great second day of school today in Puerto Rico by doing a breakout room. It was a hit….we may do another one next week:) Then Hayley and I made Puerto Rican rice and beans for dinner. #LivingthePuertoRicanlife


Having some craft time on the first day of school in Puerto Rico!


A Servants Heart

In our recent team Bible study we discussed being a servant and what that looks like. The topic revolved around placing others needs before your own. It has been so Awesome to see how our team, each member, has taken that heart attitude. The work here can be hard and hot but I have seen that heart attitude in each member in different way. One person volunteering to take on a task to give someone else a break. Someone else making sure that members that are hard at work in the heat take water and cool off breaks. Each member is looking out for the needs of the others. Such a perfect example of the having a Christ-like heart.

The work has continued on the car port. The team working on that had been able to get down all the old damaged pieces and have started the reconstruction. Clean up around the campus that was needed continued as well as various repairs and updates. We have been able to get some technology challenges overcome and several have started to prepare for all the students to return on Thursday. We even had one young student start part time this morning.

Please continue to pray for the team as they work to complete tasks. Pray for the great attitude to continue. Pray for wisdom as we discuss what things need to be completed before we leave.

Here is a link to our picture share. Please enjoy and check back as more are added.

Picture Share



Sunday Worship

Sunday morning we were up and on our way to the Spanish Church.


The people were so welcoming and excited to see friends from Betsy’s home church in Pennsylvania.


We had a great time of worship.  It is always exciting to hear brothers and sisters in Christ worshiping the Lord and singing praises to Him in another language. We were blessed by the sermon and the fellowship.  Hayley even got to have a part in service playing her saxophone with Betsy for special music and during communion.


After service we went had an opportunity to go to local restaurant and enjoy a meal and fellowship with Betsy and the Harman’s.



Busy few days

Friday evening and Saturday were very eventful.  Friday evening after the second group arrived we were able to share some time with our friends in the deaf community here.


Their monthly game night just happened to be that night and we had a great time interacting and playing games with everyone.  We got to learn a few new games.  Ask Drista and Hayley about “Too many monkeys” when you see them.  😉


Saturday we started getting busy with our “sidewalk reclamation” project.  If you don’t know in a tropical environment things grow rapidly.  Even in areas you don’t want them to.


We were busy cleaning up flower beds,


clearing walkways to be accessible by all,


and just cutting back the growth.  While several of us worked on this others were busy getting things in order for our bigger projects and other general repairs.

After a long hot day much of the team was able to get to the beach for a much needed cool down.


Most of the Team has arrived


Well at 4:30 this morning wave two of the team meet at CBC to leave to see Betsy.  Pastor Dave prayed for the team and away we went.  Not much traffic on the road then so we made good time and were able to get to BWI and get checked in away we went.  God provided safety as we traveled and a smooth flight.  A short 4ish hours later and we arrived at in Puerto Rico.

20180803_081303Dave Markle, and Tammi and Ian Wolfe were there with a van to pick us up.  We got all are materials loaded and away we went for lunch at a pinchos stand by the beach.


We praise God that the old van that CSCD has made it to the airport and back with us safely. It will need some tender love and care while we are here.


After the rest of the team arrived back at ESCD we got everyone settled to their residences.  Dave took a group around to discuss the list of jobs that need to be accomplished.  The list will keep us busy for two weeks with some left undone I am sure.  Please pray as we prioritize our lists and for safety as we seek to get things done.

Drista and others prepared a great meal for us to share.  Our evening devotionals followed as we focused on Genesis 12 and the story of Abraham and God’s provision as he was obedient to God’s direction and God was faithful to meet his needs.

Please pray for the team as we have an opportunity to share in a time of fellowship with the deaf community here in Puerto Rico tonight.  They are having their monthly game night here at ESCD.  Pray for strengthen for the team members after a long hot day.  Pray that we stay focused on our God as we work to serve Him by serving others.